Don't quarantine your digital marketing

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Don't quarantine your digital marketing

Postby shihab702 on 15. Nov 2022, 08:25

The next few weeks or months will be difficult for every company. However, they are also an opportunity to strengthen relationships with their customers, using technology, writes R. Zaharopoulou With the advent of Covid-19, the next few months will be quite critical for businesses, especially in the digital world. There is no doubt that these are uncertain times . But, how businesses will react to the critical situations we are living in, will be what will make them stand out in the future. We are in an unprecedented period of social distancing. However, quarantine and isolation does not mean that we are cut off from communication.

Technology allows people to continue many areas of their work and life. It also presents new opportunities for businesses to engage with their audiences. The question that remains for many is how companies can adapt to this difficult situation in order to survive and prepare Country Email List for the future "normal". Of course, many businesses are also in the unpleasant position of having lost a lot of money amid these events, which are unprecedented for all of us. But digital marketing is likely to be the winner this time around.


The companies, which wish to adapt to the new data being formed - including those who may not have dealt with digital marketing - will need to proceed with social marketing, content marketing , SEO (correct entry of a website's content in search engines) and Google advertising campaigns. The businesses most affected by the pandemic crisis are those active in tourism, catering, beauty and care services and of course retail trade . Obviously there is a recession, even in e-commerce for Greek businesses.
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